Debunking the Myth of Pushing To Pee

May 31, 2023

Recently, during one of my live My Core Floor classes, a woman approached me with an interesting question about her pelvic health. Her question was, “Are we really not supposed to be pushing out urine when we pee?.

First off, it is crucial to clarify that the answer is, NO!

When we visit the bathroom, our pelvic floor muscles should automatically relax and open the urethra, allowing urine to flow naturally due to gravity. Our bodies are designed to eliminate waste effortlessly, without the need for exertion or forceful pushing.

Interestingly, the United States has one of the highest incidences of pelvic floor dysfunctions. Part of the reason for this is our modern-day toilets. Unlike traditional squat toilets still used in some cultures, modern toilets do not allow us to achieve a deep squatting position that facilitates optimal pelvic floor relaxation. As a result, many people struggle with urinary and bowel issues. While we may not be able to change our entire bathroom setup, there is a practical solution to promote pelvic floor relaxation during bathroom visits. Enter the Squatty Potty! This specially designed stool fits around the base of your toilet and elevates your feet, mimicking a squatting position. By using a Squatty Potty, you can optimize the alignment of your body and encourage the natural relaxation of your pelvic floor muscles. I promise I am not an affiliate of Squatty Potty but I can speak from personal experience of how amazing it is!

Engaging in a deep squat position or using a Squatty Potty offers numerous benefits for pelvic floor health. First, it helps to eliminate the need for pushing during urination, ensuring a more effortless and complete emptying of the bladder. Additionally, by promoting pelvic floor relaxation it can aid in bowel movements by positioning the body optimally for better intestinal and colon function. By incorporating these practices into your bathroom routine, you can improve both urinary and bowel habits.

Some individuals may have developed a habit of pushing during urination, which can contribute to further pelvic floor tension and disruption in the relaxation process. To break this habit and allow the muscles to fully relax, incorporating quick squats into your workout routine can be highly beneficial. These quick squats help to release tension and teach the muscles to let go, promoting healthier pelvic floor function.

Understanding the importance of pelvic floor relaxation and debunking the myth of pushing during urination is essential for maintaining optimal pelvic health. By adopting a deep squatting position using a Squatty Potty or performing quick squats, you can encourage the natural relaxation of your pelvic floor muscles, leading to improved urinary and bowel habits. Remember, taking care of your pelvic floor is vital for overall well-being and quality of life.

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